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AirShou is one of those well understand, simple to use Android Screen Recording apps. Butthis program is also to be engulfed with a great deal of errors. So, if you’re learning how to use this program, so as to use it, then I would suggest you to learn about these errors also. This can enable you to take the necessary precautions. After reading this report, you may also reconsider your choice of using this program. Whatever the conclusion decision might be, let us continue with discussing the top then difficulties with AirShou:

1. AirShou Glitch Problem

This is the most common issue faced by most of the AirShou users. Just on launching the program, you will notice an”active recording procedure” on your device display. This issue can become very irritable, whenever you see only on launch the program. Although, Shou.Tv claimed they have fixed this mistake in the recent edition.

2. AirShou Playback issue (on iOS 10)

This is also among the most frequent issues on this program. As a result of this problem, you will notice a black/white screen when you try to Perform the movies you have recorded with AirShou. This error becomes even worse, once you’re able to hear the sound, see the timeline moving, but your display still remains blank. There are a few basic ways which may be used to resolve this error.

3. AirShou Untrusted Developer Error

This error happens when the system fails to check the application developer. Being a third-party program, it doesn’t have the legal certificates, which need to authenticate any program on an Apple Device. To be able to repair this error, you need to uninstall the program and reinstall it, but after turning on”install files from Third Party Sources”.

4. AirShou iMove Editing Error

This error happens when you attempt to edit the videos listed through iMove and eventually wind up failing. IMovies is the official Apple Video program, and AirShou being a third party program, these two do not quite work together.

5. AirShou Old Version Crash issue

This was the most frequent problem on the AirShou app version that was intended for iOS8. The app would crash abruptly in the midst of recording, and you needed to wind up recording all over again. This issue was fixed in the current version

6. AirShou log in error

In the current version, you need to make an AirShou account to use it. But many users have lately complained that they could not log in to their AirShou accounts, and ultimately, they need to create new accounts to use the program. But it’s natural can not create a new account each time you attempt to use it.

7. “AirShou Won’t Install” Error

This mistake is faced when you attempt to install the AirShou program, but the install gets stuck in the middle, or perhaps the system gives a message saying”can not install”. However, most times, it may be fixed by restarting the installation or by minding your system.

8. “AirShou Download Failed” Error

As the title states, this mistake basically happens when you attempt to download the program, which crashes the downloading process and you must restart the download. Although, the developers claim they have fixed this issue.

9. AirShou Video Frame Distortion Error

This is one of the strangest mistakes ever faced by any AirShou user. The video frame becomes distorted when you attempt to play the movie (recorded by AirShou) in fast forward. There are lots of simple tricks if you would like to fix this situation.

10. AirShou Play Back issue

This is one of the recent problems confronted by the AirShou users. As a result of this mistake, the listed videos show a video that is fuzzy, when played. Many users have reported this matter, even though it remains unresolved, the programmers are working quite tough to get over this mistake.

Hence, in this guide, we discussed how to utilize AirShou and the various issues that have it as well. We do hope this report can help you in using AirShou in a better way and more frequently than before.

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