Celebrating 25 Years of DAWN

DAWN Center for Independent Living has been serving people with disabilities since 1997.

As one of 12 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) in New Jersey, DAWN was established to advance the Independent Living Philosophy by changing attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate dependence for people with disabilities. DAWN currently serves over 3,000 people a year.

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Click here for a letter from DAWN’s Executive Director Carmela Slivinski reflecting on the last 25 years!

25 Years Supporting the Community

Thank you to DAWN’s community partners who’ve supported us throughout our history:

DAWNcil’s Board of Directors Past and Present:

DAWNcil has been extremely fortunate to have a group of dedicated volunteers who have guided the organization these past 25 years. Without you, DAWN would not have accomplished this milestone. Your selfless support and guidance has made it possible for DAWN to serve our community and support the countless individuals in need of our services. Words can never express how grateful we are to all our dedicated board members for your significant contributions.

Current Board Members

Christopher D’Marco, Chairperson Bill Kostyak, Treasurer
Aimee Goldy Brenda Pitts,
Cathleen Capasso Elizabeth Lehmann
Hansel Borrego Jim Koons
Justin Gonzalez Laura Sullivan
Matt Rodaman Mike Bannon

Founding Board Members:

This group of individuals was instrumental in creating an organization that was solely dedicated to meeting the needs of the individuals residing in Northwest NJ. Known originally as Disabled Advocates Working for Northwest, the founding board members had the vision and the motivation to ensure this organization would flourish. We thank them for their dedication to making this organization a reality. While many are no longer with us, their efforts will never be forgotten.

Christine Crawn-Schnorr, Founding Chairperson Ann McCrostie
Arne Jorgensen Arne Jorgenson
Chuck Vitosky Eileen Oesterle
Janet Happ Joan LoSapio
Joan Meirowitz Tom Kennedy
Wendy Weigel

Former Board Members

Amit Sachdev Barbara Flint
Barbara Peterson Bob Panzer
Cameron Wallace Craig Gutzweiler
Donald Pauselius Florence Depol
Gabrielle Waldman Gary McNabb
Gina Gerardo Gretchen Schoenhaar
Harry Russell Henry Dinger
Jackie Engel Janice Hunts
Jean Rudio Jeff Gray
Kelly Matika Ken Brucato
Kerri Martin Lori McCormack
Louis Bodian Lucinda Brooks
Lydia Kirschenbaum Margaret (Peggy) Heyderhoff
Marissa Patawaran-Tonnesen Martha Nystrand
Mike White Phil Hunt
Phillip Dicks Ray Vigano
Rick DePol Robbie Furman
Sharon Fitch Thomas Maier

Celebrating Successes and Sharing Testimonials:

Join the Celebration!

To celebrate DAWN’s silver anniversary and honor those who work tirelessly to advance our organization’s goals, DAWN is holding a cocktail party featuring live music and small plates at Vasa Park, 1 Vasa Drive, Hackettstown, N.J. 07840 on Thursday, October 13, 2022 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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