Franki's Fund

“The mission of Franki’s Fund is to offer young adults with special
needs ages 14 to 25 an opportunity to explore artistic and vocational
pursuits that would enrich their lives and expand their horizons.”
When Francesca Slivinski passed away in March of 2008, many friends, family and colleagues made donations to DAWN Center for Independent Living in her memory. The Board of Directors and Francesca’s family discussed how to use the funds in a way that best represented who Francesca was. Creative Arts brought much joy to Francesca. She spent many hours drawing, painting, playing music and making jewelry. She loved being creative and the projects she made gave her an incredible sense of accomplishment and success. The logo above is taken from one of Francesca’s many works of art that she made for “Mother’s Day, 2001.” The painting is entitled “Flowers for Mom.” When asked what kind of painting Mom would like, Francesca quickly responded with “flowers.” The painting hangs in her mom’s office today at DAWN’s Denville office as a constant reminder of how creative Francesca was and what she could accomplish when given the opportunity too. It is our hope that the activities through “Franki’s Fund” will bring as much joy and creativity to others as they did to Francesca.


Creative arts-and-crafts projects are an essential part of Franki’s Fund. These original pieces of art — all conceived and created by participants in this multi-faceted program — are exemplify how the program inspires and ignites the imagination of aspiring young artists.Your purchase of these items helps to support this program, which not only instills creativity, but also encourages an appreciation for art. Thank you for your support. For an order form, please click here.