Student Transition Empowerment Program – Unlimited Possibilities (STEP-UP) is a program created by DAWN, and designed to comply with and provide pre-employment transition services to meet or exceed the requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Eligible students are between the ages of 14 and 21, and have either an IEP or a 504 plan providing non-curriculum based accommodations. In all cases students will be eligible for DVRS services. Program activities will:

  • Include personality and career exploration assessments
  • Motivate students in grades 9-12 to pursue careers based on their interests
  • Encourage those interested in technology careers to seek college degrees in their chosen field
  • Educate students about job options that are in high demand
  • Offer college, career planning and career information and guidance to help students transition
  • Provide employers with a potential source of educated, qualified employees

The long term goal of STEP-UP is to provide a system of structured employment readiness services that will give students with disabilities opportunities and the tools to make a successful transition from high school to additional education, training or competitive integrated employment.